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Udhar Ka Sindoor is a romantic tale about Raja (Jeetendra), who as a child was adopted and raised by Dr. Shivnath (Madan Puri), a kind and generous man. Sudha his daughter accepts Raja as her own brother but Shivnath's wife and son Premnath always shun him. Butta Singh a rickshaw driver meets Raja's lost sister Sita and raises her as his own sister. Raja along with Premnath goes to Bangalore to learn law. Raja studies hard while his brother Premnath gets involved with gambling. Sudha's marriage is fixed but when Dr. Shivnath is arranging funds for the dowry, he is faced by some moneylenders who had lent his son money. Due to this Shivnath get a paralytic attack and becomes handicapped. He loses all his money in repaying his son debts. Raja loves a girl named Rekha but sacrifices his love so that he can marry a rich girl named Shanta to raise enough money to arrange Sudha's marriage. On the wedding day he comes to know that Rekha is the sister of Shanta he is marrying. How will Raja handle this new situation? Will Shanta learn the truth?...... Read More

This Movie is : Drama                                                                                

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