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This is a comedy with three physically impaired men: Tom (Jaiyant - deaf), Dick (Deepak - blind), and Harry (Debraj - mute). They live together as paying guests, and their life takes an endearing turn when a beautiful girl Celina comes to live in the bungalow opposite their house. They start making their moves to cast an impression on Celina , who is least interested in acknowledging their presence. Where as in Tom’s life there’s Bijlee, a fisherwoman, who is completely besotted by Tom, and does not leave any stone unturned to express her desire. On the other hand there is Suprano (Gulshan Grover), a bad man, who is out to prove that he is the worst villain ever. Tom, Dick & Harry unknowingly become the target of Suprano, by being the biggest barrier in his business deals..... Read More

This Movie is : Comedy                                                                                  

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