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CAST : Rajendra Kumar , Kamini Kadam , 


Ravi (Rajendra Kumar), a bachelor is in search of a place to stay as a tenant. He gets an accomodation in a building on the ground floor. On the first floor stays a father (Radha Kishen) and daughter Indu (Kamini Kadam). Father is addicted to cards and always plays for money. Indu is a Music Teacher. In the School the Headmistress advices Indu that she should not bow down to males and women should be independent. In the building, water is a problem.

Whenever ground floor tenant opens the tap, water for first floor is stops. Initially there is a fight between Ravi and Indu regarding water availability. Ravi plays a prank by keeping the water tap open so that Indu doesn't get water and goes out locking his door. Seeing this, Indu with her servant maid (Kusum Thakur) closes the drainage pipe so that Ravi's room should get flooded. In the evening Ravi finds his room completely flooded.

Kusum's lover is Sajjan who is also a servant in the building. Later Ravi goes for Independence day celebration and sings a patrotic song on the stage. Indu is in the audience and gets impressed. On way home they meet and peace prevails. They fall in love. They get married after pacifying the father who initially does not agree for the marriage. Father also stays with them. Ravi & Indu get a child ( Honey Irani). Indu's father spends all money at home in gambling and there is a heated discussion between Ravi and Indu. They part ways. Ravi takes the child and Indu wishes for a divorce. Indu longs for the child. Later after various happenings both Ravi & Indu unite and the family is happy.

This Movie is : Drama                                                                                

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