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CAST : Irrfan Khan and Ilene Hamann 


Uday Singh Rathod (Irrfan Khan) is a law-abiding police officer, famous for his extraordinary investigations, but is experiencing insomnia. When Maya Solomon (Ilene Hamann), a famous model is murdered, Rathod is given the custody of the case and he is asked to solve it within a week. Three people are shortlisted as prime suspects; Harsh (Suhel Seth), a famous journalist, Ali (Himanshu Malik), a millionaire and Shyamoli (Shyamoli Verma), his partner.

When investigation begins, Harsh offers his help to Rathod in hunting down the murderer, while drawing his attention to the fact that Maya was about to get married to Ali, but because Ali was a womanizer, he couldn't keep up with one woman. So he, together with Shyamoli, killed Maya. Rathod theorizes on these lines and goes to Ali's house with Harsh.... Read More

This Movie is : Drama,Mystery                                                                                

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