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CAST :  Sanjeev Kumar , Ajit , Mukri .


Raja lives a poor lifestyle in a small village along with his mother, Shanta, sister, Sajju, and an alcoholic and gambler father, Hariram, who abuses him physically and verbally and forces him to beg. Sajju sells toys for a living, but Hariram forces her to give him all the money she earns. Shanta and Sajju encourage Raja to attend the local school, but Hariram tears up his schoolbooks and will not permit him to study. Raja likes to play with his friends and pretend to be the king. When Hariram witnesses this, he beats him up. Shortly thereafter Shanta and Sajju find out that Raja has lost his mind and really believes he is a king, and refuses to listen nor obey his elders any more....... Read More

This Movie is : Drama                                                                                

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