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Truck-driver Preetam is in love with Rano, who lives with her mother, Durga, and they run 'Durga Dhaba' at Chandanpur. Durga's husband, also a truck-driver, had abandoned her, leaving her to bring up Rano on her own. Durga is upset when she finds out Rano also wants to marry a truck-driver, but changes her mind after meeting Preetam, and arranges their wedding. On the wedding day, Preetam does not show up, and Durga wants Rano to marry Kanhaiya, the son of money-lender, Fakirchand, but Rano confesses that she is pregnant, and a shocked Durga passes away. Rano then runs away, gives birth to a male child, and abandons it at a hospital run by Dr. Fernandez. She then finds employment there, and brings up her child, Tony, as her own. Seven years later, Bombay-based Dr. Prabhat Kumar joins the hospital, falls in love with her and introduces her to his mother. Will Rano accept Prabhat as her husband, and if so, what will be Prabhat's reaction when he finds out that she is an unwed mother?

This Movie is : Drama                                                                                

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