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A cruel and evil landowner Jaganath Singh (Dilip Kumar) is murdered and his twin brother Amarnath Singh (also Dilip Kumar) decides to investigate. He finds the list of suspects is endless. The prime suspects are Jaganath's son Amar (Mukul Dev), Jaganath's abused wife Suman (Smita Jaykar) and a woman named Yamini (Rekha) who claims she was raped by Jaganath. Eventually Jaganath's son Amar confesses to killing his father. He reveals that on the night of his father's death he accidentally shot him while trying to fight him off when Jagannath held Amar and his mother at gunpoint. Soon after the list of suspects grow after it is discovered that Jaganath's had many more enemies who could have killed him including landowner Mangal Singh (Gulshan Grover) and even Jaganath's own brother Amarnath who doesn't seem to have got on well with Jaganath himself in the past......... Read More

This Movie is : Drama                                                                                

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