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CAST : Sanjeev Kumar , Mehmood , Nanda


Gauri (Nanda) belongs to a woman's group, but does not welcome certain changes being imposed on the group by Lali (Shashikala). Lali has already influenced Sundari (Leela Mishra) and Kala (Mumtaz), much to the unhappiness of their husband and dad, Dhanprasad (Om Prakash). Gauri meets with Dhanprasad's nephew, Amar (Sanjeev Kumar), both fall in love, and get married. Amar gets involved in an accident and gets crippled. Gauri now gets to be the bread-earner when she gets with Gupta (Sujit Kumar), and both start getting friendly. Meanwhile, Lali leads Sundari and Kala to more reckless independence. Amar starts suspecting Gauri and Gupta of having an intimate relationship, and their marriage bond is at breaking point.

This Movie is : Drama                                                                                

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