After Sophia D'Costa (Urvashi Sharma) is stalked and attacked in Goa by Rakesh, she decides to re-locate to Dubai. Here she rents a room in a villa near Jumeirah Beach, owned by wealthy star Karan Oberoi (Bobby Deol). Six months later he proposes to her, and she accepts. Shortly before the marriage, she meets with an unemployed actor, Vicky Malhotra (Akshay Khanna), and is attracted to him, but decides to go ahead and marry Karan. At the altar, she changes her mind, ditches him and decides to move in with Vicky. But things take a turn for the worse. When Karan gets embarrassed in front of everyone at his marriage, he commits suicide, and when Sophia finds out about this, she also finds out that it was Vicky's fault Karan was killed. Later on, Vicky confesses that him and some guy named Rohit Shroff were shooting a film about Karan's life and Vicky didn't really love Sophia, but what Vicky doesn't know is that Rohit actually is Karan, since Vicky has clearly never seen Karan's full face, and Rohit had just bluffed everyone and staged fake suicide. However in end Karan is actually killed in what is supposed to be a freak accident and Sophia turns into a rich widow. In a twist end during aftermath of Karan's death, it is actually revealed that Sophia in fact killed Karan herself as she concealed a gun in her dress at the party....... Read More

This Movie is : Thriller                                                                                  

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