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CAST : Sachin, Sadhana Singh.


A farmer somewhere from Eastern UP lives with his two nephews. He falls ill and is treated by a Vaidya who comes from another village. When the farmer feels okay,he asks the Vaidya for his fees. In return, the Vaidya asks for his son as his son-in-law to which farmer readily agrees. The farmer's eldest son Omkar (played by Inder Thakur) marries Vaidya 's elder daughter Roopa and they start living happily. Roopa gives birth to a baby. During Roopa's pregnancy her younger sister Gunja (Sadhana Singh) comes to live with her and falls in love with Roopa's brother-in-law Chandan (Sachin). Roopa comes to know of this and assures them that she will get them married, but she dies in an accident soon and nobody else knows about their affair. Their parents mutually decide to get Gunja married off to Omkar so that she could take care of her sister's baby. But in the last moments of the movie, their affair comes to everyone's notice and things are resolved. Chandan marries Gunja ultimately with everybody's consent.......... Read More

This Movie is : Drama                                                                                

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