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Anandi Devi (Meena Kumari) is a old widow who lives in a village but one day is visited by a distant relative Arun Gupta (Ramesh Deo) who persuades her to live with them in town, his wife Lata (Sumita Sanyal) and a small child. She later realizes that they were looking for a maid which results in her expulsion from the house and befriending a child beggar who takes her to his dilapidated home. Being good natured and caring she slowly earns the title of 'Nani Ma' (Maternal-Grandmother) among groups of youths led by Shyam (Vinod Khanna) and Chaino (Shatrughan Sinha) who were in constant fight with each other. The movie ends with her death from a accidental gun fire in one such clash......... Read More

This Movie is : Drama                                                                                

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