Kailash Pati, a widower, lives a retired life spending time complaining about the ways of new generation. To save his only son from getting spoiled, he decides to get him married. In this endeavour, he meets westernized girls. Disappointed, decides he would get his son married to girl who does not speak English and is traditional in all ways.

His Son, Ramesh, on the other hand is in love with a well-educated girl, Dr. Ramola Sharma. Torn between Father and his Love, Ramesh goes to Lalaji, his father's friend for help. Lalaji suggests to trick Kailash Nath, by portraying Ramola as a daughter of village pundit.

The trio succeed in tricking Kailashpati to believe that Ramola is indeed an innocent girl who does not know English. They are married and then starts a storm of events to live the lie.... Read More

This Movie is : Comedy                                                                              

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