Nirmala Gupta (Dina Pathak), wife of Dwarka Prasad Gupta (Ashok Kumar), runs her household in a very strict fashion. While most of her family resent this, they do obey her instructions, so as to be on her good side.

However things start to change after her second son gets married to Anju. Manju (Rekha), Anju's sister, comes over to stay for a few days with the Gupta family. Manju resents the manner in which his mother treats people, and feels some permanent changes are needed in the Gupta household. She begins to stir up trouble as she slowly convinces everyone else in the household that it's ok to speak one's heart and break the rules sometimes. Everyone in the household is enamored by Manju's vivaciousness and fun-loving spirit, save for Nirmala who considers her antics as childish and irresponsible.

One day Dwarka Prasad suffers a heart attack when he verbally attacks his wife for being unfriendly and harsh towards Manju. Nirmala then realizes Manju's responsible and caring attitude as she helps Dwarka Prasad receive medical treatment and takes care of him till he recovers.

The movie ends with Manju marrying Nirmala's third son Inder (Rakesh Roshan) as she is accepted by Nirmala........ Read More

This Movie is : Comedy                                                                                 

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