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CAST : Kunal KhemuEmraan Hashmi, Smilie Suri , Amrita Singh.


Pushkaran and his son Kunal (Kunal Khemu) move from Kashmir to Mumbai, and one day Pushkaran is killed on a train, leaving Kunal lonely. When Pushkaran's late friend's daughter comes by to meet him, Kunal tells Renuka (Smilie Suri) that he has died. He tells Renuka to stay with him for a couple of days, and then they fall in love and get married. When they leave for their honeymoon, Porn website's creator Simi (Amrita Singh) and her partner Johny Fareed (Ashutosh Rana) record Kunal and Renuka's first intimate night together. The police then break into Kunal and Renuka's house, suspecting them to be involved in pornography, and convince Renuka to sign a paper about her saying she is involved in pornography. She does so when she is mislead to believe that Kunal is involved in pornography. She then commits suicide by jumping out of the window at the police station. Heart-broken Kunal is now seeking revenge on Simi Roy and her partner. He meets Ali (Emraan Hashmi), who agrees to help him. Ali is a modern-day punk, who is in touch with Johny by informing him everything Kunal is planning. Johny finds Kunal and captures him, while Ali learns his lesson and jumps in to save Kunal. Johny shoots Ali, which leads Kunal to fight Johny and ends up killing him. He then uses the police to surround up Simi Roy and reveal she ran the Porn website, "india-pasion.com"... Read More

This Movie is : Drama                                                                                

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