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CAST :  Sunny Deol ,Kamaal Khan ,Shilpi Mudgal , Nupur Mehta


Nihaal Singh (Sunny Deol) is an honest and beloved constable from Punjab.

A chance encounter with the criminal Romeo Kamaal Khan changes his life forever. Romeo is an unstoppable mercenary who moves from country to country in a wave of terror. When Nihaal Singh unwittingly aids the terrorist in his escape, Nihaal is labeled a traitor. He finds himself suspended from his job, ridiculed, and hated by his village.

Meanwhile, Romeo has taken his merciless campaign to New York. Intelligence reports reveal that Romeo has entered the US in a plot to kill the President. Now, FBI are desperate to find Romeo, but the villain is a man without a face and therefore invisible. The only person who knows what the menace looks like is Nihaal Singh.

The FBI recruits Nihaal Singh to come to New York and aid them in capturing Romeo. Guided by bilingual FBI Agents Bhatnagar (Thomas Tevana) and Kaur (Shilpi Mudgal), Nihaal hunts Romeo for the safety of America. He asks for one thing in return of Romeo's capture: to bring the villain to his hometown in Punjab, thereby clearing his name and restoring his former glory....... Read More

This Movie is : Action                                                                                

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