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The film opens in Dev Lok or “the world of the gods,” a Hindu heaven located above the clouds, where we witness the (unplanned) “birth” of Santoshi Ma as the daughter of Ganesha, the elephant headed god of good beginnings, and his two wives Riddhi and Siddhi (“prosperity” and “success”). A key role is played by the immortal sage Narada, a devotee of Vishnu, and a cosmic busybody who regularly intervenes to advance the film’s two parallel plots, which concern both human beings and gods. We soon meet the maiden Satyavati (Kanan Kaushal), Santoshi Ma’s greatest earthly devotee, leading a group of women in an arti (song and ceremony of worship) to the goddess. This first song, "Main To Arti Utaru", “I perform Mother Santoshi’s arti,” exemplifies through its camerawork the experience of darshan —of “seeing” and being seen by a deity in the reciprocal act of “visual communion” that is central to Hindu worship...... Read More

This Movie is : Religious                                                                                 

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