Charan Das (Anil Kapoor) lives with his brother Bhajan Das (Satyen Kappu) and his brother's wife (Tabassum). He wants to become a wrestler and joins a wrestling school (Akhara) run by Mastram Pehelwan (Om Prakash). As per the rules of this school, a man should not marry until the age of 40.

Meanwhile, Bhajan Das is not happy with Charan Das's attitude and asks him to do some useful work. His wife asks Charan Das to get coal at controlled rate from Kallumal (Pankaj Kapoor), a coal merchant. At his shop, Charan Das finds Chameli (Amrita Singh), Kallumal's daughter. He instantly falls in love with her. He now wants to leave the Akhara and hence runs away from Mastram..... Read More

This Movie is : Comedy

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