Shekhar (Raj Kapoor) has a maternal grandmother Nani (Lalita Pawar), who is a very loving caring person, and has always loved Shekhar dearly as a mother. She is always firm in her beliefs and is also very religious. Being a firm with her beliefs she says that every man must have a male heir to carry on the family's name further and hence, she will permit Shekhar to only marry a woman who will bear him with a son. One day Shekhar introduces Sunita (Waheeda Rehman) to his Nani, the girl he loves the most and wants to marry. But Nani finds out that Sunita will not be able to bear any children and disapproves of their marriage. But Shekhar and Sunita get married regardless to what was the Nani's decision. And to pacify his Nani, Shekhar and Sunita pretend that a friend's son is their son. But will they be able to keep the lie away from Nani?

This Movie is : Drama

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