The world famous Calcutta district where the street lights burned day long in its dim alley's. An area never seen by Calcutta's million citizens....a closed chapter to the outside world. China Town, where mystery and terror walked hand in hand...where the smoke - filled cafes served exotic food and presented exciting cabarets.Shekhar and Mike were twins, separated in childhood, but fate brought them together in China Town, Shekhar was a singer ..... Mike a gangster's aide. Shekhar met and fell in love with Rai Bahadur Digamber Prasad's daughter Rita. Shekhar follows the family to Calcutta, and as a result is arrested when he sneaks into their house to meet Rita. The police are astounded to find an amazing resemblance between Shekhar and the gangster Mike. The mystery and excitement of "China Town" high tension drama suddenly explodes amidst the brilliance of high adventure that was to blow up the deepest mystery lurking amidst China Town's darkest shadows......... Read More

This Movie is : Drama                                                                                

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