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CAST :  Govinda , Ramya ,Kadar Khan

Gopi (Govinda) is a simpleton from Banaras. He gets married to a foreign returned Madhu (Ramya) . He is the family and faithful type. She is a daredevil , happy-go-lucky type. He represents the Indian values. She would not mind taking a dive in the village pond in a bikini. One day it was her birthday party and she starts drinking and dancing. Gopi feels ashamed about his wife being like that. He gets angry and slaps her, he noticed that he did the wrong thing but she ran away. She wants to live abroad. He wants to stay with his mother in his village. She walks out on him. Mother wants the daughter-in-law back. He decides to get the bride back but after teaching her lesson. He goes to Singapore and other foreign locales to hunt for the runaway bride...... Read More

This Movie is : Comedy

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