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Raja (Anil Kapoor) who is full nutty falls who will be staying in a rented house along with friends opposite to the girls' hostel where Florence (Kirti Reddy) stays. When Raja goes for bathing to a bathroom without a door lock, to protect himself from invaders to bathroom he will hum a tune, where Florence will be searching for the tune for a competition.

Florence makes to win from the hum by nutty Raja. Then they both become friend and nutty Raja has a crush on Florence. Due which he works out to become lean and final turns lean and goes to Florence to propose her.

By the same time she introduce her lover to Raja and asks help from Raja as her aunt and her lover's uncle married as it was intercaste marriage a rival was created between the families. Now also as she is Hindu and boy Christian she wants Raja to help their love to a happy ending..... Read More

This Movie is : Comedy

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