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CAST :  Gyan Shivpuri, Upasana, Akash, Kanchan Rawal

Bikram, a criminal, runs away from the police and hides in a dilapidated building where he comes across a two-year-old pretty girl. She looks mortally afraid and runs to him for shelter. She is a foundling. Reluctantly Bikram heaves her up in his arms to find himself gradually transformed from a criminal into a loving godfather to the pretty child. He changes himself from Bikram to Janak and lovingly calls the child, Nandni. Janak dotes upon Nandni and brings her up by selling fruits. As the years roll by, Nandni grows into a young charming, college going girl and Janak, a prosperous fruit merchant owning a shop and a house. Nandni becomes the sole purpose of his existance......

This Movie is : Drama

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