Sapna is the elder daughter of a millionaire businessman Mr. Saxena. Ram is an intelligent, hard working and honest mechanic. Ram and Sapna are madly in love with each other. Mr. Saxena is against their relation and attempts to kill Ram, but unfortunately, Sapna gets killed. Ram makes sure that at least his brother turns out to be a bright and successful man in life. So that such an inequality does not ruin his brother's life. Everything goes smooth until Ram's brother Shyam and Sapna's sister Divya fall in love. The cruel status discrimination begins once again. Ram makes Divya realize that it is easy to fall in love but difficult to carry it throughout life. But, Divya takes up all the challenges given to her by Ram and succeeds in the exam of love. Ram accepts Divya's and Shyaam's true love and decides to support them. Mr. Saxena obviously goes against Divya and Shyam. But, Ram takes up the oath to bind their love in the relation of marriage. So, will Ram be able to vanish off this thin line between rich and poor? Will love win over status discrimination?..... Read More

This Movie is : Action                                                                                  

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