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Anwar lives a middle-class lifestyle in Lucknow, India, with his mother, brother, and sister-in-law, Suraiya. Anwar is researching ancient Hindu Mandirs. The family rents out a room to a poor widow and her attractive daughter, Mehru. Anwar falls in love with her.

Anwar is certain of Mehru's love for him and is shocked when he finds out that she has eloped with Udit, his friend, who is about to immigrate to America. He informs her mother, who in turn calls upon her nephew and kin to locate Mehru. They find the couple aboard a bus. Udit is killed, while Mehru is beaten and she ultimately commits suicide. A guilt-ridden Anwar takes shelter in an ancient Hindu temple in Dholpur carrying a bag, which contains drawings of mandirs and notes on Lord Krishna, Devi Meera, and Mehru. .....Read More

This Movie is : Drama

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