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Human nature is blind to the rights and wrongs of life when a person feels helpless about one's fate. A doctor by profession, Aarti is engaged to Prakash, also a surgeon. An unfortunate accident brings her closer to Deepak, her rescuer. They both fall in love and marry against their parent's wishes. Prakash is unable to forget Aarti and though he marries Ramona, he still keeps in touch with Aarti. This gives rise to marital discord between the two couples. Deepak insults Aarti and she goes back to her parental house. Deepak meets with an accident and Prakash is the only surgeon who can save his life. What will Prakash do? Will he forgive Deepak for hurting Aarti? Will he ask Deepak to stay out of Aarti's life forever, or will he stay true to his professional oath?..... Read More

This Movie is : Drama                                                                                

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